Q. What data must each LCAP include?

A.  In its Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), each district must clearly state its goals with regard to the state’s eight areas of specified priority. In order to measure success in each of the eight areas, districts are also required to include data associated with each priority area in their LCAPs. (Districts may choose to include additional sources of data, as well.)

In its approved LCAP template, the State Board of Education (SBE) has grouped the eight priority areas into three categories:

  1. Conditions of Learning-includes the priority areas of Basic Services, Implementation of Common Core State Standards, and Course Access

  2. Student Outcomes-includes the priority areas of Student Achievement and Other Student Outcomes

  3. Engagement- includes the priority areas of Parent Involvement, Student Engagement, and School Climate

Below are tables listing the required data that must be included for each of the eight state priority areas, organized by SBE template category and priority area. There are 23 individual pieces of data required for these sections of the LCAP. This information is taken from an overview of LCFF, put together by the Legislative Analyst's Office and available here.

For your convenience, all of this information is also available as a PDF file, which you can download, print, and share by clicking here.




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