Special Report: More districts, including Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified, release their LCAPs

As the July 1st deadline for adoption and approval of Local Control Accountability Plans nears, school districts continue to release their draft plans. Despite the fact that each districts must use the State Board of Education template in developing its LCAP, there is variability among the structure and content of different districts' plans.  Below is a partial list of school districts that have released their draft LCAPs.

* Bakersfield City Unified District- This district's draft LCAP is available in Spanish and English on its website. Bakersfield City Unified plans to approve the LCAP on June 24, according to its revised LCAP timeline, available here.

* Berkeley Unified School District- On its website, Berkeley Unified features its second draft LCAP in English along with an LCAP needs and goals chart in Spanish. Members of the district's Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) and English Learner Parent Advisory Committee (DELAC) are also listed on its website.

* Ceres Unified School District- Ceres Unified has made its LCAP available in Spanish and English and readers may provide input on the plan via the district's bilingual online survey.

* Coachella Valley Unified School District- Coachella Valley Unified's draft LCAP is available in Spanish and English and will be revised ahead of the May 29 board meeting. According to the district's bilingual timeline, it plans to approve the LCAP at a special board meeting on June 12. Community members may submit comments and suggestions around the draft LCAP here.

* East Side Union High School District- East Side Union High School District has released the second draft of its LCAP, which integrates the feedback the district received from community stakeholders on its first draft. The district plans to approve the draft LCAP at its June 19 Board of Trustees meeting. Prior to releasing a draft LCAP, the district conducted a budget priorities survey in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese to students, parents, and staff. Analysis of that survey's results is available here.

* Long Beach Unified School District- On its website, Long Beach Unified makes available  videos of its past LCAP Committee meetings, its first draft LCAP, and its  revised draft LCAP. The most current version of its draft LCAP, from June 9, is available in English, Spanish, and Khmer and has changes from the previous version highlighted in yellow. There does not seem to be any information around providing input on the LCAP on the district's LCFF page.

* Los Angeles Unified School District- Los Angeles Unified School District, the largest in the state, has released its latest version of its draft LCAP along with a  list of the district's Superintendent, John Deasy's, proposed investments.  The revised draft LCAP is available in Spanish (6/3) and English(6/12). Changes to this version of the draft LCAP are noted in blue. (The superintendent's written responses to the Parent Advisory Committee and District English Learner Advisory Committee's comments are within the English LCAP document, from pages 45 to 66.) The superintendent's June 10 PowerPoint presentation is also available, here. Community members can provide input on the proposed LCAP and/or proposed list of investments via the district's online survey.

Read on for local media coverage around LAUSD releasing its draft LCAP and accompanying budget:


* Los Angeles Times

* La Opinion (Spanish)

* Moorpark Unified School District- Moorpark Unified's draft LCAP  was presented in mid-May and is available in English and Spanish. The district plans to approve the LCAP at its June 17 Board of Education meeting, as outlined in its LCAP timeline.

* Pasadena Unified School District- The district's first draft LCAP is available here. Updated versions of the LCAP's third section, around priorities, are available in English and Spanish.  In addition, the district's website features resources including background information on LCFF and the LCAP development process and all relevant district information to date, including input surveys, a roster of the district's LCAP work group, and a timeline for adoption of the LCAP.

 * Paso Robles Joint Unified School District- Its draft LCAP is available here and public comment on the plan was colelcted through April 30. To submit comment, stakeholders were asked to download, print, fill out and either mail or deliver forms to the district or to any school site. The input forms were available in Spanish and English.

* Redlands Unified School District- Redlands Unified has the latest version of its draft LCAP available on its website, here. Community stakeholders are invited to provide input on the plan by sending an email to lcap_feedback@redlands.k12.ca.us.

* Sacramento City Unified School District- This district provides both a traditional draft LCAP, which can be downloaded and printed and an interactive draft LCAP, which allows readers to click on links within the plan and view supporting data.

* San Bernardino City Unified School District- The district's draft LCAP is being presented for review and comment at four meetings, all of which accommodate English and Spanish-speaking community members. You may view the draft LCAP in English and Spanish. Community stakeholders may also submit input via the district's online form, here.

* San Diego Unified School District- San Diego Unified has released English and Spanish versions of its draft LCAP. Community stakeholders may submit input online via the district's bilingual (Spanish/English) form through May 30.

* Santa Ana Unified School District- Santa Ana Unified's latest version of its draft LCAP is available within its recent board meeting agenda, from pages 173 to 196. The district's June 10 PowerPoint presentation, including budget projections and next steps, is within the same agenda, from pages 198 to 205. Community stakeholders may submit input around what the district's top educational priorities should be via its website as well as by phone.

* Temecula Valley Unified School District-  Temecula Valley Unified released its draft LCAP in Spanish and English. Additionally, community stakeholders can take a survey to provide input around the LCAP, generally, and can submit feedback on the draft LCAP, specifically, via a feedback form.

* Walnut Creek Unified School District- Aside from posting its draft LCAP on its website, Walnut Creek Unified has also included a letter from its superintendent around the LCAP, a Frequently Asked Questions document, and a timeline for its LCAP development and adoption.

* West Contra Costa Unified School District- The revised draft LCAP, in English and Spanish, and the plan's executive summary are available on the district's LCFF/LCAP resource page, alongside a variety of bilingual materials including a background presentation and community meeting notes. Also available on the site is a document which  ranks the schools in the district by the percentage of high needs students in each.

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