LCFF Weekly News Roundup for June 30, 2014

New State accountability plan is only one of many Education Week, June 30, 2014

Districts must produce plans and reports for multiple agencies and that time and effort will leave less time and resources for the development of the LCAP. This blog details how Charter Oak Unified School District's superintendent balanced his district's many accountability requirements with producing an LCAP that was accessible and responsive to his community's priorities.

Gov. Brown: Growth of Latino power paving way for policy changes Los Angeles Times, June 26, 2014

Speaking at a recent conference of Latino elected and appointed officials, Governor Brown told attendees that their power is creating opportunities for policy change across the State. He also drew applause when he spoke of the Local Control Funding Formula and the fact that it provides additional resources to English Learner students.  Of those additional resources, Governor Brown said, "You have to do more to be able to create that opportunity and that pathway for those families that are not having the same skill of speaking English as others." 

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