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* Explore the guide that Families in Schools produced around school funding for parents and organizations who work with parents

* Access the CA Dept. of Education's new LCFF Funding Snapshot tool, which provides information and graphs on each school district's transitional funding sources

* Read about the three California school districts who have recently worked with civil rights and community groups to revamp their policies around police in schools

* Learn which two school districts became the first in the State to formalize student voice in LCAP development



Welcome to this web site, created by The California Endowment to help parents, students and residents increase their understanding of the state’s new funding law and how to advocate for what is most needed in local schools.   

Below you will find a description and links for each section of the website. Our aim is to share information, resources, and news that is clear and useful. We welcome your feedback and are happy to consider sharing resources we receive from visitors to our site. We also encourage you to ask us questions, and we will do our best to get answers through our Ask Alicia blog


This section will provide links to background information on LCFF, including how to find out how much money your district will be receiving, what must be included in each district's plan, and key steps in the process through which school district success plans and budgets will be approved by July 1.


Here you’ll find our weekly roundups of selected links to news stories about the new funding law. If there is an LCFF-related news item that you think others would benefit from, please send it along.

Priority Areas

The new law is not just about money.  It’s about redefining school success through eight priority areas that each school district must address through school success plans.  You can find a complete list of the priority areas over on our FAQ page. On this page, you'll find special focus on these three priority areas:

*  School Climate
*  Parent Involvement
*  Student Engagement

Student Health

The research is clear – health and learning go hand in hand.  When students are healthy in mind and body, they are better able to focus and learn.  In the Student Health section you’ll find a list of 10 investments for healthier schools, as well as more information about the connection between health and learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The law is complicated and we want to help get answers to your questions.  In this section, you’ll find the Ask Alicia blog where aim to provide you with the information you need to help support your local advocacy. If there is an acronym or question you need help with, we will do our best to find an answer for you.

Want to ask a question?  Add a document?  Ask Alicia.  She'll post responses on our LCFF FAQ page

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